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Motorist is the easiest way to track and manage your vehicle's maintenance and performance.

With Motorist, you can quickly and easily access your vehicle's history, set reminders for upcoming maintenance, monitor wear and tear on parts, control expenses, and track fuel consumption.

Plus, Motorist offers features like data syncing, VIN scanning, support for multiple vehicles, document and image attachment, and a map view of your favorite shops and mechanics.

Effortlessly optimize your vehicle's maintenance and save time and money with Motorist.

Motorist includes these features:

Keep track of maintenance schedules

When was the last time you had the spark plugs changed on your vehicle? With Motorist, you have access to your vehicle's history, right on your phone.

Monitor wear and tear

Track wear on tires, brake pads and many different parts. Motorist can also suggest you when it's time to replace those parts.

Get reminded of upcoming maintenance

Never miss a scheduled maintenance again. Create reminders for maintenance items so you know when a maintenance is coming up.

Manage upgrades, expenses & more

See how much you've spent over time on fuel-ups, maintenance and other events for your vehicle through a chart and useful statistics.

Garage Mode

Is your vehicle parked in a heated space? Motorist ensures that you set the correct tire pressure during the cold season.

Fuel consumption statistics

Motorist lets you log fuel-ups so you can see your vehicle's fuel consumption over time. Get access to charts and statistics about your vehicle's fuel consumption.

Easy as 1-2-3

Use your iOS device camera to scan your vehicle's identification number to add it to Motorist in just a few seconds.


Specify if you prefer metric or imperial units, quickly access useful information about your vehicle and more.

Attach receipts & documents

Attach documents and images to maintenance, fuel-ups and other events to have quick access to them and share with others.

Easy access to your favorite shops & providers

Never look up for the shop's phone number or directions. With Motorist, you get access to them in a matter of just a few seconds.

Sync your data across all your devices

Motorist uses iCloud synchronization to keep your data up to date on all of your iOS devices (iPhone & iPad), keeps it secure and private.