Here is how you can contact us for support:

Via the Motorist App

This is the best way to contact us if you need assistance. Simply launch Motorist, tap the gear icon (⚙) and select Support Request.

Via Twitter

If you only have a quick question or comment, hit us up at @themotoristapp.

Via Email

We can be reached at


Can I add past maintenance events or fuel-ups?

Absolutely! You can add any maintenance, expense, upgrade or fuel-up that occurred before you started using Motorist.

How is fuel consumption calculated?

We gather all the fuel-ups for your vehicle and calculate consumption in-between full fill-ups. If you add a partial fuel-up, consumption for this portion will be calculated at the next full fill-up. If you missed a fuel-up, it will be ignored in the calculation.

How can you set reminders?

In order to create a reminder, you need to create a new maintenance event. When you add items to that event, you'll be able to set reminders for those items by tapping the chevron next to them.

What is Garage Mode?

When your vehicle is stored in a heated garage, tire pressure may not be optimal for outside temperature in cold weather. When in Garage Mode, Motorist adjusts suggested tire pressure. It adds 1.45 psi (0.1 bars) for every 10˚C (18˚F) drop from a 20˚C (68˚F) temperature reference.

What is City Percentage?

City percentage lets you set the amount of time/mileage spent driving in the city vs the highway. This lets you evaluate fuel consumption according to your habits.

Is there an iPad app?

Yes, there is a Motorist app for your iPad. Your data will automatically sync between all the devices, for free, without an account.

Is there an Android app?

No, sorry! Because we are a tiny self-funded team we must focus our efforts on the iOS platform for now.

What happens if I install Motorist on more than one device?

Motorist syncs between your devices, being it iPhones or iPads. No need to log in to an account, simply using the same apple id on all your devices is required to sync your data between the devices. Note: settings are not synced because you might want to decide on your own which notifications you receive on which device.

How is my data used?

Basically - to improve Motorist but never to share with anyone else. Motorist does not keep or share any information about you, your device or your data. We don't have tracking SDK's like Facebook or Google. We don't share or sell any data - we keep as little as possible to serve you well.

Motorist Pro & Subscriptions

Why should I get Motorist Pro?

To get complete access to all of our advanced and helpful features. Top features include unlimited vehicles, maintenance events, expenses, upgrades along with PDF or image attachments and lets you set reminders for upcoming maintenance items. The Pro version also give you access to additional expenses statistics for your vehicles and track wear and tear on parts, and more.

How do I try it?

You can Motorist Pro for 14 days when you select an annual subscription. You can cancel at anytime during the trial or during your subscription.

What happens when the free trial ends?

You will no longer be able to add more vehicles, log maintenance events, monitor wear & tear items, use Garage Mode and access expenses statistics.

What is the free plan?

In Free mode, Motorist lets you add one vehicle, for which you can track fuel consumption.

How can I cancel my Pro subscription?

From Motorist, select on Settings and tap on Manage Subscription or launch Settings > My Account > Subscriptions > tap on Motorist > tap Cancel Subscription.

What happens if my Pro subscription ends?

All of your saved data stays. All your settings stay. But any Pro features are turned off when your Motorist Pro ends - such as Push Notifications and maintenance logging. Those stop the day your Motorist Pro subscription stops. To re-enable Pro features, simply subscribe to Motorist Pro.

Importing & Exporting Data

Motorist Archive Format

The Motorist Archive Format lets you create backups of your data or easily transfer vehicles to another user, like when you mark a vehicle as sold. The format can also include all attached documents that are related to events.

CSV Format

Motorist can export your data in CSV format. You can import CSV files from Fuelly (website and app). You'll find an example here. If you'd like to import data in a different format that is not currently supported, please send us an example at